Thursday, September 13, 2012

Seven Months Old... YAY!!!

I recently posted a blog titled "YAY!!!!" with pictures of Andrew grinning from ear to ear.  People loved it, and it's become sort of an inside joke in the family because Andrew still grins at absolutely everything.  So much joy :)  

Even Will has noticed. Just this past week we had the following conversation:

"What noise does a cow make?"
"What noise does a chicken make?"
"Cheep, cheep cheep!"
"What noise does Andrew make?"
"Laugh.  Ha, ha."
"Aww.  Yes, Will, he does."

To celebrate his seven month mark, and because it's cute, and because it makes my day to see all these pictures together, here's some more YAY!!!!

I'm seven months old!  YAY!!!!

Apricots and puffs... YAY!!!

I'm naked and I need a bath.. YAY!!!!

Mimi is giving me a bath!  YAY!!!

Time to get dried off... YAY!!!!
Red Sox Teddy Bear?!  YAY!!!
In the water with Mimi... YAY!!!!
I get to go for a car ride?  YAY!!!!
Dad took me to the playground!  YAY!!!

Do these sunglasses make me look cool?  Really?  They Do? YAY!!!!

I have a 102 degree fever and a runny nose in this picture... YAY!!!
Will has food... but I have a TOY, YAY!!!
This is a REALLY BIG TOY!  YAY!!!

Carrots!  YAY!!!!
Aunt E!  My favorite person!  YAY!!!
Erin!  My favorite person!  YAY!!!!
Mimi! My favorite person!  YAY!!!!
Grampa! My favorite person!  YAY!!!!
FEET!  They taste GREAT!  YAY!!!!!!
Will smiles too... yay :)

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