Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My New Normal

A few weeks after our son was born, I remember wondering when I would feel better and life would get "back to normal". Cue laughter. Life never got "back" to normal; our lives and daily routines will never be like they were before our son was born. Instead there's a new normal, and that's what this blog is about - the joys, activities, challenges and strategies of my new normal.

Why blog? Well, I would love it if someone else benefited from my experiences, but mostly it's for me. My hope is that it will keep me writing, giving me an opportunity for reflection and a sense of accomplishment. It will help me remember all the fun we're having during the precious time when "the days are long, but the years are short". Not to mention how exactly I got that stain out of the carpet, or how much cream of tartar goes into the home-made play dough recipe. It's my own little self-validation that what I do as a stay at home mom is worth remembering and writing about.

So here's to my new normal! May I keep finding a new thing each week worth sharing, contemplating, or remembering.

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