Friday, February 1, 2013

Toddler Craft Project: Valentine's Day Cards!

Did a fun craft project with Will's playgroup recently - Valentine's Day Cards!  I printed out a picture of each toddler from one of our playgroup dates, and we helped them attach them to the inside of construction paper cards that they decorated with stamps, stickers, crayons and little heart cut-outs.  

I made little cutouts that said "Happy Valentine's Day!" for them to stick on the front of the card, and "Love," for them to stick near their photo making it a photo signature :)

Will decorated the backs of his envelopes with heart and lady bug stamps (which he also used to stamp the hand of just about every mom in the room).

It was simple, but fun to have them use a picture of themselves and get to play with some stickers and stamps!

Probably the ink pad should have been kept more closely in my possession, and probably there were too many things that needed to be stuck on each card (two text items and one photo to make the card a legitimate valentine) but thanks to my hands-on Mommy friends, I saw a lot of cute Valentine's Day cards leaving, and I think the kids had fun!

Happy Valentine's Day, and Happy Crafting! :)

I recommend writing out completely unnecessary directions so that you feel awesome and organized and like planning crafts for toddlers is intelligent work (it is IMPORTANT work, just, well, not that hard.)

Paper heart cutouts made using a paper punch from Paper Source.
(LOVE that store.)