Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Great Birthday :)

Had a great birthday today, thanks to everyone who sent me birthday cards and messages!  Here's to one last year of my youthful, crazy twenties before the responsible thirties kick in :)

I started my day off right - sleep, and coffee.  Both courtesy of Greg, who was amazing to me all day :)  He picked out great birthday gifts for me, including awesome new running gear, and handled both boys at my second 5k this morning, where he somehow managed to keep both of them happy even though it interrupted Andrew's nap, and took awesome photos.  We finished off the day with a fun afternoon playdate with Will's Wednesday playgroup friends, just hanging out in the backyard.  It was a wonderful day.

Two fun events, and some time to just hang out as a family

The 5k was a fun local race that I signed up for because I was encouraged by my friend Abby who is an amazing craft goddess, mother of three, and also a Couch to 5k alum.

Here we are right before the race!  Do I look nervous?  I was really nervous. 
Hey! The race has started, now I'm happy!
You know how I look really nervous in that first picture?  It's because I was afraid THIS would happen. Here's me getting passed by a thirteen and fourteen year old girl, seconds from the finish line.  You go girls!  

In for the finish, at a personal best! (I love being a new runner)
It was a good year.  Birthdays are always a time to reflect on your life, how you've changed in the past year, what the next year will bring.  It's fun to feel like my list of accomplishments is growing faster than my list of "wish I were better at"s.  I'm settling in a little bit, and while there's a long list of things I want to try and learn to do and get better at, there's starting to be a long list of things I've done, too.  And that makes me feel excited to improve, rather than disappointed with where I'm at.  

Happy Birthday to Me :)  Here's to next year!

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