Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I love my boys.  They are amazing.  AMAZING.  And I love their age difference, because there are things that are so special about each of them that are unique to the phase they're in.  This morning, Will said "Morn - ing, sun, shine" when I opened his curtains, and then counted his blueberries with me, all the way up to ten.  He is soaking up language like a sponge, and then repeating what interests him, and it fascinates me.  Even when he screams "WHHHYYYYYYY SOOOO Louuuuuuud...." at me in Whole Foods.  Maybe especially when that happens.  (Be a good mom, keep a straight face, do it... do it... fail.)

Will has learned the magical word "no", and likes to apply it to a large variety of circumstances.  My favorite is the either/or questions.  "Would you like the purple diaper or the red diaper?"  "Noooo...."  Purple it is.

There are times when I wonder if Will just continues to say no to see what else we will come up with.

"Do you want peas with dinner?"
"A dirty martini with an extra olive?"
"Old vine zinfandel?"
"More mature parents?"

Sometimes, Will gets a little "no" happy on us.  And that's when I am especially grateful to have a 6 month old as well, because Andrew is most definitely NOT in a no phase.  Andrew is in a "YAY!!!" phase.  He reminds me of an old internet joke I read comparing a cat and a dog's diary, where the dog is always saying "A bone!  My favorite thing!  Ride in the car, my favorite thing!", and the cat is like "day 983 of my captivity..."

Well, if Will is "no" lately, Andrew is "yay!!!", and it's wonderful :)

Will: Nooooo.....
Andrew: A Picture with grandparents, YAY!!!!

I'm three months old, YAY!!!!
A stroller ride... YAY!!!!

Another stroller ride?!!  YAY!!!!

A CAR RIDE?!?!!  YAY!!!!

We're at the beach, YAY!!!!

I'm on my stomach, YAY!!!!

Will's about to drop me... YAY!!!!

Coffee with Grampa!  YAY!!!!

My great-grandmother, Nana!  YAY!!!!
My first tooth came through!  YAY!!!

Mimi knit me this blanket.  YAY!!!!

I'm six months old!  YAY!!!!

I'm in a swing.  YAY!!!!

We're in a hammock!  YAY!!!!
Daddy is holding me!  YAY!!!!


  1. You have a wonderful mom! YAY!!! Gosh... I remember when you were that age... sigh... feeling old...

  2. Oh Kelly, I love your blog and your boys, too. What great photos. You have to send an article to the Globe Magazine. Nooooo???? or Yayyy!!??

    Erin V.