Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Nesting with a k... it's what knitters do when they have a little one on the way. It's become my favorite form of nesting now that I'm heading towards week 38. All that closet rearranging, laundry, and organizing was wearing me out. What I should be doing this late in pregnancy, besides chasing my favorite little toddler-bug around, is resting.

But I can't rest. I need to get ready. There's a baby coming. A BABY! A baby. I'm going to have another baby. I need to be ready. It's going to be a lot of work. I should do some of that work now. What can I do now. I'm going to have a baby. B-A-B-Y. ("Oooh, ice cream, I love ice cream!" As Greg likes to say whenever anyone spells anything around Will.)

This is where knitting comes in, and perhaps every type A personality out there should take up knitting during their last weeks of pregnancy if they don't knit already. It's "productive" because you're working on a baby blanket or sweater or hat for the new arrival, but you do it sitting down. (Please knit sitting down. This is counter-productive advice if you try to knit while you're grocery shopping or pushing a stroller.)

I recently finished a stroller and car blanket for "February", and am now happily knitting away at a little Debbie Bliss baby cardigan in cashmerino.

(That's the other nice thing about knitting for babies, you can buy yummy, expensive yarn because you only need a few skeins for a sweater.) My Mom hinted that the baby will probably come as soon as I finish this sweater because I'll be "ready". Not sure whether to knit faster or slower...

The stroller blanket is a double knit, a striped blanket for the back and a checkered blanket knit in intarsia for the front, both with seed stitch edging that you sew together for finishing. (Debbie Bliss, Essential Baby, Stroller/Buggy blanket.) It was a fun, relaxing knit EXCEPT for my tendency to keep knitting without untangling the five balls of yarn I was using. Sometimes this worked out okay since you cut them each time you finish a block and the colors rotate, but sometimes my tendency to just pull and pull as long as I could knit even ONE more stitch created a bit of a mess.

That's when you should have your mother down to untangle your mess while you keep knitting. Or knesting, as it were.

Thanks Mom. Love you!

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