Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dear "February",

I realize that your due date isn't until the 16th, and that arguably you can't even be considered late yet. But really, are you SURE you're not going to be ready to join us just a bit sooner?

I've done everything you could ask of me to prepare for the joyous occasion.

I had Dad take pictures of us together.

I organized every drawer and closet in the house.

I knit you a sweater.

I knit you a baby blanket.

I switched to knitting projects for Will so you wouldn't feel the need to wait until something else was completed for you.

I over-stocked the freezer so I can pay attention to you instead of cooking dinners.

Will and I have been taking long walks together.

Mimi finished the cutest tummy time blanket ever for you.

She even washed out the cat fur from the blocking process.

I cleaned out the guest bedroom closets, bought guest bathrobes, and purchased bins for your grandparents to put clothes in while they're here. (It was considerate of you to give me time to attend to such details.)

Aunt Elizabeth finished your elephant painting for the nursery in January.

Hospital bags are packed. Yours is even monogrammed with your name. Yesterday I unpacked and re-checked them. They're fine. I even have the baby k'tan in there so I can check with the nurses on how to safely carry a newborn in one. Of course it's prewashed. You don't think I wouldn't have prewashed it, do you?

I ordered stamps online for your baby announcements and finalized the address list in excel.

We've even cleaned the office, gotten up to date on our filing, assembled our taxes, and taken care of estate planning.

Are you SURE you're not ready to come meet your family? People are jumpy when I call them. I'm jumpy when MY phone rings. Too bad that's now how I'll find out I'm going into labor. I pocket dialed your Nana and she almost had a heart attack listening to the static. That's not healthy for anyone. Why don't you arrive so we can all act rationally again?

We can't wait to meet you... and we'd REALLY like it to be before Mimi and Grampa leave for vacation 9 days after you're due! I don't mean to rush you, really, I don't. I just want to WELCOME you. You are welcome any time. We are excited and ready for you and the diapers are washed and your clothes are all in the nursery drawers and I honestly can't find anything left to do!

Did I mention that I was born a few days before my due date?

I was.

You could do it too.



PS- pack and play is set up in the family room so you can sleep out of Will's reach. (Nemo checked.)

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  1. He listened! Congratulations on your new Edition!