Monday, January 30, 2012

Toddlers Love Photos

One of my nesting goals has been to do everything I can to make sure Will is well-cared for, happy, and secure while I'm in the hospital with the new baby. I've been scouring the internet and parenting books for ideas, reading up on separation anxiety coping strategies.

One of my favorite ideas was a suggestion for toddlers who are in day care and have their own locker - place a photo of them with you inside their locker. They'll remember it's there and go over and look at it when they miss you.

That might be a little optimistic to expect of a 16 month old, but I figured it couldn't hurt for Will to have access to some photos of himself with me, his Dad, and any relatives who might take turns caring for him while we're gone.

So I ordered some prepaid photo prints from shutterfly for nine cents each, and put them up with double sided tape at toddler height in our kitchen and family room area where he can wander over and see them whenever he likes. I even put some on the inside doors of his play kitchen cabinets for fun.

He LOVES them. He wanders over and points people out, or just stands and looks at them, several times a day at least. I don't think we're far from being able to ask him "Where's Aunt Elizabeth?" and having him point to the right person!

Might be a fun rainy day project for anyone, even if you're not planning for an absence!

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