Thursday, July 11, 2013

removable chalkboards for menu planning

I'm still in love with those removable chalkboards!  They're called wallies and you can find them on amazon.  I've got two on my fridge now that I'm using for meal planning, and it's been working great.

I used to get overwhelmed trying to meal plan for an entire week at a time, so now I meal plan and grocery shop for three or four dinners at a time, and that's it.  I don't plan specific lunches, instead, I pick up some lunch and snack options and keep an updated inventory of what's available using the chalkboard.

I've found myself feeling calmer because I'm planning three meals at a time, which is manageable to shop for in one grocery trip with two toddlers.  I don't waste as much food because I'm shopping with purpose, and because I'm keeping track of my lunch and snack options so I remember without opening the fridge door that I've got blueberries in there.

I don't even make a grocery list all the time - I just snap a photo of the meal plan and reference it when I'm at the store.  I then e-mail the meal plan to Greg so he doesn't go out for a burrito on his lunch break when I'm making enchiladas for dinner.

I've even started a folder on my computer for meal plan photos that I can reference later when I need some inspiration for dinners.

Yay, chalkboards!

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