Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mimi & Grampa's Solar Power Heated Kiddie Pool

My parents have a warm water pool on their deck.

I can't make this up.  My parents got a kiddie pool on their deck for when the boys visit, and it's got heated water in it that keeps them submerging and splashing and swimming all afternoon!  They recently installed solar panels on their roof, which means that during the day when it's sunny they get tons of hot water at no additional heating cost.  So my Dad, being the inventive genius that he is, hooked up a hot water line to his hose.  Now he can flip a switch and put hot water through the outdoor hose to wash his cars or fill the kiddie pool for his grandchildren.  All on solar power.  They had the water warm enough for the boys that they were tossing in ice cubes and letting the kids play with them because the temperature was like bath water.  INSANE.

How cool (warm?) is that!

The only problem for me is that I'm going to have to bring out tea kettles of hot water to mix into my kiddie pool on the deck or the kids won't want to use it!

They had such a great time in it, it's no wonder Will woke up this morning and wanted to go back to Maine.  We got home yesterday.  It's a long car ride.  He says he'd still like to go back.  Now.  (I kind of would too.)


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