Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Running with a Double Jogging Stroller

Ready to go!
(Knitters can read about those adorable mittens on my Mom's Ravelry page.)

The snow melted and we had an unseasonably warm day for January, so I bundled the kids up and went for a run with the double jogger!

Running with the double jogger is great because I don't have to wait until the kids are napping to hop on the treadmill, or until I have a babysitter or my husband is home on the weekend so I can run outside by myself.  Both of them love going for a ride, and this time of year it's especially nice for them to get some fresh air!

We were lucky enough to inherit a well-loved L.L. Bean double jogging stroller from my uncle's family, and it still works great!  (Especially once Greg re-inflated the tires.)

Here are some thoughts about running with a double jogging stroller:

  • Run for distance and not speed.  The stroller seems to add about a minute per mile to my pace when I push the double jogger with both kids in it (about 50-60 pounds if you count both kids and the stroller weight)
  • Push the handle with one arm and move the other one normally.  This gives me a much more normal stride than if I held with both hands, which is not great for your form because you end up leaning forward too much while you're running.  It's also great because then when you feel like quitting you can switch arms, see if that feels better for a little bit, then switch back.  Gives you something to do!
  • I don't listen to my ipod when I'm pushing the stroller because I like being able to have a conversation with my toddler if he starts pointing things out to me, and then I feel like if one of the kids got fussy I'd know right away.
  • Run up the hills for a bonus workout!  I used to always walk up the hills, and that's completely legitimate since you're still pushing a lot of weight.  Recently I've started running up them, and it drops my pace significantly on the hills, but I like the workout.  I think it depends on whether you're looking for distance or intensity, you might run more mileage if you give yourself some slack and walk up the big hills!
  • I try to stick to places where there's sidewalk, then a little grassy stretch and then a breakdown lane just to be safe when I run with the double jogger.  If you don't, I'd recommend making sure you use a strap.  We've hit a corner of a rock wall with the stroller and fallen before, and it's good to know there's some grass between the stroller and the road even if you've got the strap on your wrist!
  • Best part about running with a double jogger - watch other pedestrians and runners give you the right of way (because let's be honest, where are you going to go?!) and pretend they're deferring to you because you're so fast and awesome and athletic looking :)
***Ran my first 5k with the double jogger recently, you can check out the blog post here:
Watch out for wall outcroppings!

The perfect running sidewalk!
Ahh, fresh air.  So invigorating.
(I thought their heads looked suspiciously slanted)  
Loving my cool new arm-warmers and hat I got for Christmas!


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