Friday, November 30, 2012

Send Your Holiday Card Bloopers!

My favorite Christmas card blooper from 2011

The short version:

E-mail me the best of your holiday photo card bloopers to holidaybloopers at polgie dot com!  I will post them here on December 25th!

Why?  Because it will be hilarious and awesome.  Also, I will enter you into a drawing to win a $25.00 gift card to Starbucks.  That's right, my blog is cool enough to have a give away.  For $25.00, you too could feel this awesome.  Will is going to draw the name of the winner on Christmas!  If he accidentally draws two, we'll let Andrew crawl towards them, and whichever piece of paper he picks up and eats first is the winner.

The long version:

It's that time of year!  Parents everywhere are frantically lining up their little angels to try and get the perfect Christmas card photo, or Hanukkah card photo, or New Year's photo, or whatever else the photo card industry can convince us is a holiday worthy of a mass mailing.  (I send photo Halloween cards... I'm so weak.) 

Did I say perfect photo?  Well, sure, ok, we're probably all trying for perfect for at least the first five minutes of the first photo shoot of the first year of these shennanigans.  I was surprised at how quickly my vision of "perfect" deteriorated to "no one looks like they're in pain, it's somewhat focused, and you can see everyone".  Luckily I have Greg on board to make taking pictures fun enough so that it's more entertaining than torturous... for me AND the kids.

Looking through all the photos we took for our card this year, I realized that there were some pretty funny moments, and some pretty funny photos.  I'll post mine along with everyone else's on Christmas (but I won't enter us to win the card, that would be weird and anticlimactic).

You don't have to have children or pets to participate - if you're sending a Holiday photo card and you have a photo from your attempts that makes you smile, please pass it along!  Captions / story optional.  Photos sent will be posted online, let me know how you would like them credited or if you'd prefer names to be omitted!

Here are some of my photo bloopers from LAST year:

Not what I was going for at the time, but now I think it's pretty card worthy!
No Santa Hat!
No Santa Hat!
No Cookie Face!!!

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