Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ice Cream for Andrew!

When I sent out the recent e-mail with Andrew's 9 Month photo, it sparked an e-mail conversation with my mom about how it was around 9 Months that Will began to look like himself.  This inspired a search for photos of Will at 9 months, and I discovered that the fun ice cream photos at Beal's in Maine are of Will when he was 9 Months and 2 days old!  Guess it's time for Andrew to try ice cream!

We waited until Andrew was 9 Months and 4 days so Dad could come with us to get our ice cream downtown on the weekend :)

Here are some photos, then and now!  It's interesting to note that although I wasn't aware of it at the time, Andrew was with us in the ice cream photos for Will, too!  I was 6 weeks pregnant :)  So weird that I wanted ice cream.

Can you tell from these photos that they're brothers?!

Will's very first bite of ice cream in June of 2011

Andrew's very first bite of ice cream in November of 2012
Will's response...
Andrew's response...
"Ok, I'll try some more of that!"
"Ok, I'll try some more of that!"
"Why did I stick my hand in this... it's COLD!"

"Hold it like this, Andrew!"
Elizabeth, Will, Kelly, (Andrew), and Mimi at Beal's in 2011
"I got to try ice cream!  It's all over my pants!  YAY!!!"

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