Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just Monstrous!

What's monstrous, you ask? Well, two things. The size of my yarn stash, and this little guy.

While browsing ravelry for some new patterns, I came across an adorable monster pattern, Monster Chunks, by Rebecca Danger. (Check out her blog: for some amazing monster knits!)

Not only were my fingers itching to start this cute little knit, but Greg actually thought it was so fun that he wanted one to keep on his desk at work. You can imagine my enthusiasm - I ditched him with the kids and headed straight upstairs to see if "I could find a few odds and ends in the stash to knit it with" because "I bet I already have some yarn that would work."

Gee. You think?

The worst part of the resulting stash reorg was that I didn't even manage to shut the door before Greg saw it. (He was remarkably calm and supportive... I think he'd perhaps suspected that there might be a tad more yarn in that closet than there should be. Also, some of that yarn is his. Like three skeins. And he runs a lot. So we both have our little hobbies, ok?)

My little monster, posed in Greg's car for him to discover on his way to work :)

Luckily for me, there are a lot more cute Rebecca Danger monster patterns just begging me to use up odds and ends of yarn from other projects. And I've got mittens to knit for toddlers that won't take up whole skeins, and an awesome scarf idea that you may hear about later.

Will helps pick out buttons for eyes

My yarn ended up in three categories - partial skeins to keep for little monster projects and crafts, whole skeins that may end up as mittens, hats or baby sweaters, and partial and full skeins that I never want to see again and are going to be donated to the craft closet at the center for grieving children where my sister interns.

I have four new projects lined up from stash yarn, and another one already knit. Booyah.

Plus, this made it easier to finalize my list for when Mom and I go on our annual yarn excursion to the store in western Massachusetts next week. I can't wait to buy some yarn!

(You didn't think I'd learn from this, did you?)

Just monstrous.

Remember this guy? Another Rebecca Danger monster pattern! (Iris the Gourmet Monster)

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