Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy April Fool's Day!

I like April Fool's Day because of the potential to make people laugh, and I like the excuse for a little mischief.

Happy April Fool's Day!

Last spring, we saw some pink flamingos on sale at a nearby garden store.  We laughed because we figured the reason they're on sale is that we're not in an area where pink flamingos are that popular.  Then we thought about how funny it would be to get them and put them out and see what our neighbors said... so we bought two packages on sale, put them in the shed until April 1st, and pulled them out early this morning and stuck them in our front snow bank!  I'm pretty sure the neighbor walking by who saw me putting them out at seven a.m. on April 1st with a baby strapped to my back figured out the joke, but boy is it fun picturing the commuters walking by and seeing them there in the snow!

I also decided it'd be funny if I wore an old race number on my run this morning - I figure other runners will do a double take when just one person runs by with a bib number on! 

If I were really brave and funny, here's what I'd yell to other runners while I'm out:

"Are they gaining on me?!"

"I'm first!!!  I'm first!!!"


I'll probably just run by and let them wonder ;)

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