Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Card Bloopers, 2012!

I know I promised this post on Christmas, but when the day arrived, I was up in Maine away from my computer!  Hey, at least I'm sharing them this year :)  Thanks to my family and friends who contributed!  Starbucks gift card going to B,E&O courtesy of Will!  Merry Christmas :)

Uh oh.  Whose idea was this, anyway?

Photo from ACE

"Where's Grampa?!"  

"Give me everything I want for Christmas or else!" Photo from B,E,O
"No, Andrew, No Andrew, NO!"
"No, Andrew, No Andrew, NO!"

Floppy reindeer antlers, from ACE

More fun with the three grandchildren at Mimi and Grampa's! Photo from ACE
Don't eat the bubbles!!!

It'd help if they held still!  Photo from B,E,O

Best for last!  That's right... she's puking.  And smiling.  I'm not sure how this is a blooper, it looks pretty magical to me!
Photo from ACE.

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