Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts for "Porsche"

I'm expecting a niece in September, nick-named "Porsche" in honor of her 9-11 due date (real name to be announced after her birth!).

This past weekend I attended my sister-in-law's baby shower up in Maine, and now that it's over, I just have to share my favorite shower gift ideas!

"Taking Care of Baby" Book

When I was pregnant with Will, some of my friends from grad school gave me the cutest book at my baby shower, called "Safe Baby Handling Tips" by David and Kelly Sopp.  It's an adorable illustrated guide to caring for infants with some pretty obvious tips (don't wash your baby in the washing machine or pick them up by their head, for example).  I thought it'd be fun to use pictures of the boys to create my own version for my brother and his wife!  I had lots of help from my family to capture some adorable "no" photos for this guide :)

For My Brother

Baby showers are great, and we probably enjoy them more without our spouses checking the clocks while we go "oooh" with genuine enthusiasm for the thirtieth time.  But I wanted to give my brother something too.  So I put together a little gift basket of goodies to help with his transition to fatherhood - for the good moments and the challenging ones.  Coffee, chocolate, wine, and some megabloks that I know he'll love using to help "Porsche" learn to build.

Knitted Owls & Owl Books

I love knitting toys, and when I found Susan B. Anderson's baby owls pattern, I couldn't resist!  I knit up the three baby owls and paired them with my favorite books about owls.  I thought they'd go well with their 100 acre woods nursery theme.  Plus they're super cute!

I used chicco yarn, which is a superfine machine washable merino.  I had to knit the body and head a little shorter than called for in the pattern (which uses worsted weight) but didn't alter the wings or feet.  The spiderweb embroidery stitch for the eyes was fun once I got the hang of creating equal length spokes!  I did use poly pellets to add a little weight to the body so the owls would stand on their own, but since they're intended as a toy, I sewed the polypellets into small cloth bags first so that none of them would come out through the yarn and create a choking hazard.

Embroidering on the eyes - equal length spokes are critical!

The finished owls!

Gifts for Us!

Just as a tiny example of how organized and awesome my sister-in-law is, she actually had gifts for the women who helped with her baby shower.  Very cute patterned umbrellas, and a spring showers yankee candle.  (Shower themed gifts, get it?  It took me a minute.)

What a nice idea!  :)  She's so great.

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