Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Things have been pretty crazy lately - Will's nap routine has shortened to two forty minute naps a day (long enough to shower and get ready in the morning, and clean up from both breakfast and lunch and fold a load of laundry in the afternoon) and it seems like I'm always a step behind where I need to be.

Every time I stop moving I start hearing lists of things I need to do, remember, buy, organize, reverberating through my head and poisoning any precious silences that might occur during nap or playtime.

Time to write them down. Then I can go back to being normal, and listen to "A said to B said to CDE I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree" every time I slow down and my brain is empty.

Lists, lists, lists:

To do, soon:
Make a five day meal plan with grocery shopping list
Make a binder to save previous weekly meal plans & shopping lists for reuse
Return library books
Order prints of digital photos from last four months
Start working on a birthday photo book of Will's first year
Plan Will's first birthday party - here? Maine?
Make a google doc with ideas for date night besides eating out or shopping
Get on care.com and sittercity and look for a mother's helper one afternoon weekly
Weed herb garden and back lawn
Order pictures from family events to send to parents / grandparents
Write thank you notes for anniversary presents
Write down what I've learned from this year's garden and ideas for next year
Find a way to share videos of Will with family (without crashing their e-mail)

Videos to Capture:
Will clapping
Will waving
Will playing in the kiddie pool
Will feeding himself(ish) with his spoon

Reading List:
Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense
The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

To Do, Will Related:
Baby Gates!
Make a surprise bag with common household items for Will to discover
Move his bedtime later to get longer naps? Re-read sleep books
Incorporate tooth brushing into daily routine
Start feeding more finger foods that aren't puffs!
Start getting Will out of the house more in the afternoon - brainstorm fun places to bring him where he could see other kids

Blog Posts to Write:
Book Reviews: books on my baby shelf
My favorite baby sweater patterns
Cloth Diapering
Lessons for the Second Time Around

Things to incorporate into a daily or weekly routine:
Filing of bills and mail
Keeping in touch with old friends
A bath? In the nice big bathtub? Once a week?
Leftover night for dinner, no cooking or major dishes allowed
Photo organization and deleting of duplicate digitals
Meal planning
Read to Will more frequently than at bedtime!
Meet Greg for lunch with Will once a week - I love our picnics!

Not sure what this guy's lists would look like - maybe that's for the best!

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